Daily Announcements

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

 B Day


Vocab Words of the Week:

Monday - A UNKEMPT - not groomed; not neat or tidy
     After a week of camping in the wilderness, everybody looked quite unkempt.

Tuesday B  AGRICULTURE - the work of farming
     Agriculture helps provide the fresh foods we eat and is very important to the State of Wisconsin.

Wednesday A  REPLENISH - to refill
     After the long race, the runners had to replenish the water in their bodies.

Thursday B  BARRICADE - (v) to block off, (n) a barrier used to block passage
     The fire department had to barricade the streets for the parade. They parked their fire trucks across the sidewalks to make a barricade.

Friday A EXQUISITE - fancy, amazing
     Her expensive dress was very exquisite.


Today’s Co-curriculars:


Boys Youth Basketball Pre-Season Skills Clinic:
For 4th - 6th graders. Cost is $30. Deadline is October 16th. Forms located in the office.  10/7

Winter Sports:
There are sign up sheets in the office for 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball and MS Wrestling. Wrestling practices will begin on October 21st. Basketball practices will begin on October 28th. All necessary paperwork and fees must be turned in prior to the start of the season. Please check with the office staff to see what you need to be eligible to participate!  9/30

Crew Offerings:
Beginning Crocheting: Classes Mondays October 14 - November 11 at ES LMC. Cost $25
Halloween Hustle: Haunted 1 mile trail run/walk through the trail in the woods. Thursday, October 31 6:00-6:30pm HS Pool Entrance. Cost $5
Youth Swim Team: Grades K-12; Season runs November 11th - February 6th. Practice times/days vary by grade.

Information/sign up forms for these programs are in the office.